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K.V.No.1 (AFS) Suratgarh is rich in Infrastructure. All the required facilities are available in the campus. 

S. No. Type of rooms No. of rooms available No. of rooms lying vacant
1 Class Rooms 22 Nil
2 Science Lab (Physics, Chemistry) 2 Nil
3 Computer Lab 2 Nil
4 Library 1 Nil
5 Bio Lab 1 Nil
6 Resource Room (Primary) 1 Nil
7 Resource Room (Secondary) -- Nil
8 Art room 1 Nil
9 Staff Room 1 Nil
10 SUPW Room 1 Nil
11 Music Room 1 Nil

Other facilities/features  in the campus :

  • 28 Spacious and well ventilated  class rooms                                    

  • A Well stocked and maintained library     

  • 2  LAN connected computer laboratories with computers and internet facility     

  • Three Well equipped science laboratories

  • A S.U.P.W. room (For children to learn by doing )

  • A music room with a number of musical instruments.

  • separate wide play grounds  with Basket ball courts , Hockey ground etc

  • serene atmosphere with a number of trees  and cement benches 

  • One staff rooms (for primary and secondary )

Facilities for indoor / outdoor activities:

  • Outdoor Activities      : Basket ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Cricket

  • Indoor Activities        : Table Tennis


Computer Lab

There are two Computer Labs in the Vidyalaya having Computers (including 2 Server) for Students of Informatics Practices and  All the Computers are connected with Local Area Network (LAN), Internet service is also available. 2 computers are also provided to staffs of the Vidyalaya. Latest and useful software are available. CDs.  Total Number of computers are 56 fixed in computer labs and other departments/ labs.

In-charge : Manish Soni (PGT.Comp.Sc.)

Chemistry Lab  

The Chemistry Lab is according to the CBSE norms. There is sufficient space for the students for the practical work. Lab is well maintained with reagents bottle shelves & other important equipments. Different types of charts are also displayed in the Lab. 

     Lab In-charge: Mr. Laxmi Narayan, PGT(Chem)


Physics Lab 

Physics Lab is according to CBSE norms with all needful latest equipments and devices. Some working projects are also displayed those are developed by the Students. Charts and Instructions are displayed to the help of students while doing practical. 

Lab In-charge: Mr. Prakash Singh(PGT.Phy.)     

  Biology Lab

The Biology Lab is well equipped with  compounds &  dissection microscopes. The Lab is well ventilated, airy and with all facilities for students. Various aids (Specimen & Charts) displayed for the full benefit of students. Slide projectors and other tools are also available for making the things clear to the students.  

Lab In-charge: Mr. Gurmail Singh (PGT Bio)

Geography Lab

Geography Lab is well equipped with latest equipments like Barometer, thermometer etc. to make correct calculations. The latest charts of world, climate, Political etc. are available for study. Different types of projects are also used to give the correct knowledge to the students.  

  Mr. M. S. Rathore(  PGT Geo.)

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